Battle of the Tablets: iPad Vs. The Others

The tablet concept is synonymous with the iPad, and for this reason it can be hard to figure out whether the iPad really is the right choice for you. In this comparison article, you’ll get a good idea of which tablets are best in which areas, which will make choosing your first (or next) tablet a breeze. Speed And Multitasking: Overall, processing speed dictates how smoothly the tablet runs, how quickly it loads things, and how well it runs games. Multitasking, on the other hand, is the capacity of a tablet to carry out several tasks at once, such as playing music while browsing the web, etc. In practice, the highest performing tablet in terms of speed and multitasking is the Asus Transformer Prime. This is the iPad 3’s only true competitor on this front. However, the Google Nexus 7 is also a competitor, albeit not an iPad beater. Still, it offers great speed and multitasking in a compact device. The iPad 3 itself is very capable, and is a close match for the Transformer Prime. All three of these tablets are ahead of their rivals for speed and multitasking, making them the top choices in this respect. Storage: Storage is another important factor to consider when purchasing a tablet. The smallest storage you’ll find on any tablet is 8GB, and this tends to come on the small tablets with 7” displays, although a few larger ones come with a small storage like this too. The largest storage of any tablet is 64GB, and is offered by many of the high-end tablets. Storage is the space a tablet has to keep things like photos, videos and apps on it. A small amount of storage means that you won’t be able to keep too many of these things on your tablet. This can be annoying, especially if you like to use it to watch movies while on the go. However, smaller storage does usually come at a lower price. Tablets offering the maximum storage besides the iPad 3 include the Transformer Prime from Asus, the Toshiba Excite and the Galaxy Note from Samsung. Ports: Another important feature of tablets is the ports that they have. Ports are slots on the machine which let you plug in other devices. Typical examples of ports include USB ports and SD card ports. Both of these kinds of ports offer lots of advantages to tablet users such as allowing you to expand the storage capacity of the device or letting you connect a keyboard or mouse. Surprisingly, the iPad 3 actually lacks both USB ports and SD card ports. This is a continual source of complaint in reviews of tablets, but don’t expect changes to this any time soon. Tablets that do offer USB ports include the Google Nexus 7, the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Asus transformer Prime, the Toshiba Excite and the Sony Tablet S. However, not all of these tablets also offer SD card ports. Those that do are the Sony Tablet S, the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Transformer Prime from Asus and the Toshiba Excite. Camera: The iPad 3 has a decent quality 5MP camera on the back which can take good pictures when you’re out on the move. Most other high-end tablets also offer a 5MP rear-facing camera for this kind of use. However, the Asus Transformer Prime outclasses all of the competition including the iPad 3 with an 8MP rear-facing camera that has a built-in flash. If you’re looking to get the best out of your tablet’s camera facilities, then the Transformer Prime is the best choice. 4G Connectivity: 4G connectivity is an ultrafast kind of mobile communications signal. Having 4G lets a tablet connect to the internet wherever it can pick up a 4G signal and access web content at broadband speeds. This is a relatively new technology and is still fairly uncommon. The iPad 3 is the principle 4G contender in the tablet market. Its major rivals lack this feature, but there are some lesser tablets available that do offer 4G. These include the Acer Iconia Tab, the HTC Evo View and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Portability: The iPad and most of its competitors are fairly similar in terms of portability. They are very close in size and weight, so there is little difference. However, the Google Nexus 7 does compete with the iPad 3 in terms of performance, yet is just a mere 7” in screen size. This makes it incredibly portable, so if you need a device that can easily be taken wherever you go, the Nexus 7 is preferable to the iPad 3. Design: Apple do design very well – they’ve built an empire on it! Their products look very stylish, but that’s not to say that there aren’t any competitors. The principle competitor in terms of unique design and great style is the Sony Tablet , which has a distinctive wedge shape not offered by any other tablets. Otherwise, Samsung and Asus both offer great quality design, although a little less distinctive than either Apple or Sony. Image Quality: For image quality, the iPad 3 is pretty much unsurpassed thanks to its “retina display” technology. This technology lets it display around twice as many pixels as its nearest rival. However, pixels aren’t everything, and a great alternative for image quality is the Sony Tablet S which uses Sony Bravia technology (used in Sony televisions) to get the best picture available. Sony’s tablet also benefits from being widescreen, which none of the others, including the iPad 3, are. This makes it better for viewing movies. Conclusion Ultimately, there is only one all-round contender to the iPad 3 and that’s the Asus Transformer Prime. However, when it comes to some of the specifics, the iPad 3 is actually beaten by several other tablets too. If you’ve got the budget and don’t have any specific needs, then it’ll be a toss-up between the iPad 3 and the Asus Transformer Prime. But if you need something more portable, or that has increased functionality through additional ports, then you might want to consider some of the alternatives.


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