Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

After the original iPad was released, Samsung was one of the first companies to come out with a competitor. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet competed head to head with the iPad 2 in the second wave of tablet devices, comparing favorably. So how does the Galaxy Tab 2 compare with other tablets in the newest wave of tablet releases? Let’s have a closer look. Key Specs For The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 RRP: $249.99 - $399.99 Release Year: 2012 Operating System: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Display Size: 7 inches/ 10.1 inches Connectivity: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Cameras: 5 MP/ 8 MP Battery Life: 7 hours/ 10 hours Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: The Pros Speed: One of the strongest features of the Galaxy Tab 2 is its speed. Even though the processor isn’t a powerhouse like that found in the iPad 3 or Asus Transformer Prime, it still handles itself well, offering a great user experience that doesn’t suffer from lag. It may not be quite up to the high standards of the aforementioned tablet superstars, but then it’s not carrying the same price tag either. Interface: Sure, the iPad’s iOS interface is great, but it’s not the only option out there. The interface offered by the Galaxy Tab 2 is an Android-based dream, being super easy to use and keeping the user experience smooth and enjoyable throughout. Sound: Most tablets suffer from poor sound, but the sound quality offered by the Galaxy Tab 2 in surprisingly good. It certainly beats its competitors in this area. That’s because the speaker set up on the Galaxy Tab 2 is front-facing and stereo – meaning there is one speaker on each side of the screen. The stereo sound improves the quality no end, which is a big plus for those who enjoy listening to their music without earphones. MicroSD Slot: Unlike many rivals, including the iPad 3, the Galaxy Tab 2 offers a microSD card slot. This is a great bonus for a device that’s got fairly small storage capacity on board. Having this slot lets you take the Galaxy Tab 2 from 16GB of storage to 48GB of storage – a full 32GB more. 7” And 10” Version: To cater to those who like their tablets more portable, Samsung offer the Galaxy Tab 2 in 2 different sizes. The 10.1” version compares with standard tablets like the iPad 3, while the 7” version sacrifices relatively little to offer a much more portable experience. Display: Samsung usually offer high quality displays, and the Galaxy Tab 2 is no exception. Although it’s not the best on the market, it still gives beautiful pictures that leave lots of its rivals in the dust. If the quality of display is important to you, this’ll satisfy. Size: For a 10.1 inch tablet, the Galaxy Tab 2 is small. When measured up against other 10.1” tablets the dimensions are noticeably different, and this makes it that bit more portable than its rivals. For those who find it difficult to carry a regular tablet around, this should help alleviate the problem a bit. Battery Life: The Galaxy Tab 2 has a decent battery life. That’s important for any portable device, and it means you won’t be left with no power while out and about. More importantly, the battery compares favorably with rival products, so you aren’t losing out on battery life by picking this tablet over another. Price: It’s impossible not to mention the price of the Galaxy Tab 2, which is low to say the least. It undercuts high-end rival products by anywhere from a third to a half of the price which they go for, making it the affordable option. If you’re on a tight budget, this is a great choice. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: The Cons Charge Time: Although the Galaxy Tab 2 has a long battery life, it suffers from a long charge time. While overnight charging will bring the battery back to full power, if the tablet runs out mid-way through the day you’ll have to wait quite a while before it’s got enough juice to take back out with you. Charging Cable: For some unknown reason the Galaxy Tab 2 comes with an especially short charging cable. This can be a source of real frustration, especially if you don’t have any well-placed power points around your house. If you want to use your tablet while it’s charging, the short charging cable will make that very awkward. Storage: Although the storage space is expandable thanks to the microSD card slot, the included storage space of 16GB is a little on the small side – especially since there’s no bigger option. If you need lots of memory, you may have to look to a different tablet. Only Slightly More Powerful Than Original Galaxy: In order to keep costs down as much as possible, the Galaxy Tab 2 hasn’t improved its hardware significantly over the original Samsung Galaxy tablet. That’s the trade-off for the low price of this device, but don’t expect any big surprises if you already own an original Samsung Galaxy. Faults: Unfortunately there are quite a high number of user-reported product faults. While it’s often the case that these faults happen within the product return window, if they don’t then you may have to pay a fair bit to have the tablet repaired. Is The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Worth Buying? If you’re sticking to a budget but still want a large-size tablet, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a good choice. However, if you can afford to buy an Asus Transformer Prime or iPad 3 don’t think you’ll be getting the same quality when spending less for the Galaxy Tab 2.


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